Cutting edge: DBR examines Salazar's AI work

November 1, 2017 Posted in Firm News

Artificial intelligence is the latest buzzword in legal circles, but for Salazar Law founding partner Luis Salazar, it’s more than a word – it’s critical to his cutting-edge approach to the law. Luis spoke with the Daily Business Review about how he uses the software to cut research time and expenses.

From the story:

Among the early adopters of AI at the boutique firm level is Luis Salazar, founder of Coral Gables-based firm Salazar Law.

Salazar's firm serves individuals and businesses dealing with financial difficulties, complex commercial litigation or government investigations, and those looking to seize financial or business opportunities. He saw artificial intelligence software as an opportunity to help his own business.

As it has turned out, he says the software has saved him more than 100 hours of research man-hours in the last year.

With just over a year of experience using ROSS Intelligence services to research legal questions and write memos related to a variety of legal practice areas, including bankruptcy law, Salazar described the technology's strengths and weaknesses to the Daily Business Review.


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